Tempus Fugit Sed Anima Eterna

Tempus Fugit Sed Anima Eterna

My first documentary about the difference in perception of time

How to show an element that is permanent and present everywhere but invisible?

How to collect time?

One answer would be that it can be captured only through the emotions, and reactions of those affected. You have to turn photography into a social study, understand time through people. The researchers are suggesting that the perception of time is different for each depending on many criteria. Time is relative.

To make this work more understandable, I divided it into 5 parts, directly linked to the photographs:

1: The perception of time according to age:

“The older we get, the more we love the slow pleasures.”

A child loves the spontaneous enjoyment, that sparkles and explodes because he has no consciousness of the next day. Through the emotion of people's hobbies, I captured the differences in perception between that little boy lighting on crackers and those old men playing cards, waiting for their turn.

2. The perception of time according to social class:

“I’m afraid of tomorrow!”

People in need are more likely to live day by day and see the time
as a struggle. This portrait is expressing poverty and questioning the future.
On the contrary, the second shot makes you feel ambitious. Her pose is assured almost haughty. She has time for pleasure.

3. The perception of time according to the species:

“The pace of life depends on its longevity”

A bird will spend one week as a significant part of his life while a tree does not even feel its circle continuing.

4. The perception of time according to the state of mind:

“Time flies when you are having fun”

Happy people do not see the time passing, they occupy their minds. Those who are bored feel the same minute as much longer. They trick their languished spirits
with alcohol or narcotics. Losing the knowledge of the first time. This picture
shows musicians expressing the joy of every second contrasting with the portrait of the girl, alone, look lost, time seems to be suspended from eternity for her.

5. The perception of time according to location:

“New York never sleeps"

According to where you are living - the country or city - the time cadence is different. When a village follows the seasons and the sun, a metropolis will never switch off. In this shot of Dubai by night, you see the lights of unknown life shining as artificial stars while we can perceive the quietude of this village, which hibernates under the cloak of winter, waiting for the return of summer.

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