Pixellate memories

Pixellate memories

Quarantined times.

This work was made with the desire to process isolation using only virtually conjured images. Between documentary and art therapy, this process is a catharsis and collaboration between the model and the artist. It reflects on digital noise, paired with the ability to escape through the screen - and the nostalgia of a time without.

The work is physically located in the home - in the spirit that contained most of 2020. However, also digitally fragmented in location through the virtual experience of a connected laptop.

Photoshopped, manipulated imagery taken with a camcorder, screenshots, and digital camera. Overlapping and assembled in organised chaos with corroding acidic colours. "Poor images" have been intentionally used to reflect digital origins and the blurring glitch of memory.

What you see is a false narrative created with digital artifice between the images superimposed; artificially recreating moments of impossible imagery. Nothing makes sense when stuck in your own head. Not even the currency of time has a true value anymore. Is the viewer's eye reflected in the window of their perception?

The spectator is placed as a documenter when the close-up hand obscuring the view brings attention to the presence of a creator. By giving a diverse point of view, this work is questioning "Is this reality or imaginary?"

Dissected and fragmented, eating itself like the snake eating its tail. Is it self-consumption or self-expulsion? With no way to express the inner thoughts to anybody but you, at the edge of becoming your own imaginary friend. The repetition and the lack of another point of view, the constant amalgamation of ideas that cannot take greater perspective. Chaotic overlapping of body parts as the shrinking into oneself. The repetition of patterns as days passed and began to look too alike.